Installations by Certified Specialists

At Advantage Interlock, we guarantee 100 percent customer satisfaction with every installation process completed by our certified technicians. The installation appointment times we offer vary depending on the type of vehicle. Once installed, you will receive complete training on the use of the Draeger Interlock XT unit from one of our trained technician as well as through a detailed instructional video.

Assistance Through Complex Paperwork

Prior to installation of the Draeger Interlock XT, you will need to complete all administrative paperwork, including the contract and lease agreement. We ensure complete compliance and will get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Schedule a Monitoring Check

You can schedule your next monitoring check and calibration appointment by calling us or contacting us via email today! A descriptive user manual (available in English or Spanish) comes with every device and our technician will answer any questions that you may have following installation.

Years of Experience in Car Electronics

Mark Tunstall, a Draeger-certified technician, has been working with interlock systems for more than five years. He has a professional background in car security, electronics, and GPS sensors for more than 12 years. His efficiency and expertise will allow you to get you back on the road in no time.


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