Dragon Interlock XT

Easy Breath-Alcohol Level Detection

The Draeger Interlock XT is a breath-alcohol measuring instrument that prevents your vehicle from being started if your breath-alcohol concentration is higher than your state’s legal limit. This device meets all worldwide requirements, and we install it with your convenience in mind. For example, the Draeger Interlock XT:

  • Is the industry standard among alcohol interlocks
  • Offers reliable and accurate readings
  • Comes with many special features on each system

The Draeger Interlock XT requires a total testing time of only 6 seconds. The unit has a liquid crystal display that prompts the driver with full text messages available in several languages. As an added bonus, there are no codes that the user has to decipher – everything is delivered in plain language.

Fees and Pricing

  • Installation of the Draeger Interlock XT is $25, plus applicable taxes
  • Monthly rental and calibration fees are $76, which include all taxes
  • Removal of the Draeger Interlock XT is $76, which include all taxes
  • Optional insurance for the device is $5 a month
  • Transfer to another vehicle fee is $100.00, plus applicable taxes


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